About Gaxut

Gaxut is an e-learning and freelancing platform that's on a mission to educate minds, develop a skillful society, while you to make money in the process. There is nothing else that can be better than an organization that genuinely wants your mind to be liberated with Education beyond academics and still wants you to be financially stable.

We are interested in building a sustainable community that would give room for people to learn at their own pace and make money in the process. This is why we have decided to build a platform that would allow you to gain access to top-notch tutors across the globe that would train you on courses that cut across business development and skills acquisition in its practicality.

We understand that funding is one of the things that affect people from gaining access to online courses - this why we have incorporated an affiliate program into our system which allows you as a student on GAXUT to earn by referring others to take courses on our platform. Your referral bonus can be transferred to your bank account.

Aside from the referral program, we also have a system that allows you to work as a freelancer thereby making money by utilizing your skills.

Consider GAXUT as a platform to improve on your skills, enlighten your mind, a marketplace for freelancers and hiring personalities, and the fastest-growing affiliate system. Join us today as we take a beautiful journey to end mediocrity and attain financial freedom.

Vision Statement

Gaxut exists to eradicate poverty and illiteracy by creating a digital community where people can learn, and earn at the comfort of their homes anywhere in the world.

Mission Statement

We envision a world where anyone, anywhere can transform their life and increase their net worth by accessing the world’s best learning and earning experience. We empower our learners to hone digital skills that will create a better opportunity for them in the job market, we increase their net worth through our freelancing and affiliate. We believe education and passive earning can unlock your potential and help you become your best self.

Aims and Objective



This is seen in all we do, the courses and tutors on our platforms are carefully selected for their expertise, experience, and reviews.


Our special feelings for the populace inspired us to build this sustainable system that will bring an end to quack training and ponzi scams. We are genuinely interested in you getting value for your time and effort.


We are designing a community that will be bold enough for their skills and source of wealth.


We understand leadership as servanthood, we are committed to serving you with all honesty, transparency, accountability, and openness.